Looking for a plugin to display your recent tweets in a widget? Here is a fresh review of current best options in Twitter Widgets.

Being proactive can really pay off in your personal healthcare – it’s usually a lot cheaper to prevent a problem in the first place (or at least catch it early) than it is to try to fix it once it’s become a reality. The same is true for your WordPress website. It may start with […]

On May 8, 2014 WordPress released the first maintenance update for 3.9, which includes some bug fixes and some changes to the new visual editor and audio/video playlists feature. Over 9 million users have downloaded 3.9 so far…

Gravity Forms is one of our favorite WordPress plugins. They’ve recently release an update for their handy Signature Addon – read more about it. The Signature Addon is available for developer license accounts and lets you accept signatures via touch device or mouse, useful for contracts, receipts or anywhere else you need a signature. Learn more about […]

What would happen if your WordPress website disappeared in the next 5 minutes? Say the server has a meltdown… or your site gets thoroughly hacked… Would you be okay? Do you have a recent backup of your site files and database somewhere safe, that you can get to and recover on your own quickly? Or […]