A security problem was found in the very popular Fancybox for WordPress on February 4 that led to many infected websites. The plugin was removed from the plugin repository temporarily until the plugin developer released a new version that patched the security issue on February 7. If you’re using this plugin, make sure you update […]

My new bow sight

I bought myself a bow last year and had been feeling guilty for leaving it under the bed for so long. A few weeks ago, I started going to a local indoor archery range to work on learning how to shoot well (or at least, hit the non-white part of the target more consistently – […]

Easy Twiter Feed Widget tweets

I do a lot of social media posting as the owner of WP Minder, and there’s especially a lot of Twitter activity. This weekend I decided to post my Twitter feed on If you’ve done this yourself, you know what a pain it can be. You have to jump through a number of hoops […]

Restrict widgets in action

I’ve been using Conditional Widgets for more than a year to control where any given WordPress widget appears (by default, every widget shows up everywhere, which is often not what you want to happen). On a recent client project, though, Conditional Widgets wouldn’t work, because this particular project had a number of custom post types. […]

Easy WP Guide 3.1 by Anthony Hortin

I used to give my WordPress clients a book when we met for training. But as you’re aware, WordPress changes so often that a book just gets outdated right after it’s published! So a few months ago I started giving my clients the link to Easy WP Guide. It’s a great resource on how to […]

My website is gone...

Picture this – you’ve got a busy business (yay!) and you’ve devoted a considerable amount of time building up your expertise by writing high-quality blog posts once per week. You’ve been doing this for one year – that’s 52 blog posts. One morning you discover that your site has been hacked (or your server has […]

Every 90 days, says Entrepreneur Magazine’s Mikal Belicove. How to remember all those passwords? Try a password manager. Here’s a review of six password managers from InfoWorld. presents an enormous checklist of things you can do to improve checkout conversions in your ecommerce website. My top 10 favorite tips for ecommerce conversion optimization, in no particular order: Use high-quality product images Pay attention to product descriptions Show your bestsellers on your home page Create categories based on what people are searching for […]

Looking for an easy way to make a squeeze page, or a sales page focused on a single product for your AdWords campaign? These free landing page plugins make it easier to do this in WordPress.