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Friday Link Wrapup – Sliders, Changing Ecommerce Platforms, Redirects

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

To slide or not to slide? The poor slideshow has taken a beating from web designers in the last few years as being too big, too distracting, and a waste of space, but some of us still believe that they have their place in certain circumstances. Here’s a guide to deciding if a slider is right for your site, plus a roundup of tips to add value to your site with a slider. My favorite slider at the moment is MetaSlider – I use Pro for the animated layered slides and video slides, but the free one is also a fine choice.

Right now I have two clients that are migrating from one WordPress ecommerce platform to another. These are big jobs, not to be taken lightly.Here’s a set of issues to keep in mind if you’re considering upgrading to another ecommerce plugin/system (note that this page you’re going to is awful in terms of all the ads, sorry. The article’s worth reading despite them).

And finally… If you move your WordPress site (say from another domain, or from/to a subdirectory) you’re going to need to employ 301 redirects to make sure broken links don’t have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. Here’s a guide to doing it right, plus the best WordPress plugins to make it easy (this is my current favorite).

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