About Us

Hello, I’m Debbie Campbell.

Photo of WP Minder owner Debbie CampbellI’ve been deeply involved with WordPress since 2009. Almost all the custom site design and development work my studio Red Kite Creative does is related to WordPress.

My WordPress clients are often surprised at the endless stream of updates for plugins, themes, and WordPress itself that they see after their site launches. They are usually wary of doing those updates themselves – what if something goes wrong?

Most small business owners I know don’t want to be their own tech support and don’t have the resources to manage it, either. Ongoing WordPress care is very much a critical issue, and too often it’s ignored until something disastrous happens.

WP Minder: Your WordPress Care Resource

WP Minder came out of a desire to help WordPress clients in a proactive way – by taking the many technical demands of owning and running a WordPress site off their plate, so they can concentrate on running their businesses and publishing high-quality content. That’s enough of a burden as it is!

With WP Minder, all of WordPress’s ongoing needs are handled for you . That includes offsite backups so that if your site gets hacked, it can be recovered quickly and easily. It includes keeping WordPress and plugins up to date. It includes security audits to improve site safety and reduce the risk of being hacked. And it includes world-class Managed WordPress Hosting for speed and security.

If you own a WordPress site, I encourage you to check out our WordPress Care Plans. They’re designed specifically for small businesses like yours and provide protection and support at an affordable price. It’s so much less stressful and usually much less expensive to protect a site proactively than to try to salvage it after a hack or a server failure – and servers do fail.

Thanks for checking out WP Minder! We look forward to working with you.