About Us

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WP Minder is owned by Red Kite Creative, a Colorado-based design studio that has designed and built hundreds of custom WordPress websites since 2009.

WP Minder launched in 2014 out of a desire to help our growing number of WordPress clients in a very proactive way – by taking the many technical demands of owning and running a WordPress site off their plate, so they could concentrate on running their businesses and publishing high-quality content.

Our Care Plans are designed specifically for small and medium businesses and provide protection and support at an affordable price. It’s so much less stressful and usually much less expensive to protect a site proactively than to try to salvage it after a hack or a server failure. Even the smallest sites do get hacked, and servers do fail.

Let us help protect your investment by:

  • Knowing you have a WordPress expert you can turn to when you need one.
  • Keeping your site up to date reduces the risk of future problems.
  • Providing a quick site restore in case of an emergency.
  • Cleaning up your site in cases of malware or hacking.
  • Checking your site for security issues and fixing them before they become bigger problems.
  • Helping you with small support tasks, plugin recommendations and replacements, performance issues and more.
  • Providing you with fast, reliable hosting and a free SSL certificate.
  • Providing an Annual Site Review report and a meeting to go over the results. We want to help your business do better!

Get a recommendation for the best Care Plan for your website. We look forward to working with you.