This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. For WordPress security, I’ve been using and recommending Wordfence for a few years, but with a recent update they totally changed the interface , greatly reducing the quality of the user experience, in my opinion. I find the new version hard to navigate, and that doesn’t bode well […]

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. I believe I’ve gone over this before, but you should never rely on WordPress to send email newsletters. Learn why (emails will often be flagged as spam especially if you’re on shared hosting, or may not be received at all due to server settings) and see the alternatives. If […]

With summer vacations and other distractions, keeping up with your business website’s needs can take a backseat to other things. Let WP Minder help you keep everything safely up-to-date and covered in case of an emergency with these two special offers on our Starter Plans: 20% off our Starter WordPress Maintenance Plan for 6 Months […]

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. You’ve got a great-looking business website full of useful, high-quality content. What else can you do to enhance your site’s credibility? Try using these trustmarks to make your customers more confident in using your site. They include things like security seals from payment processors; using HTTPS for added security; […]

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. Want to squeeze more out of your WooCommerce site without resorting to paid commercial plugins? Here’s a roundup of 20 free WordPress plugins to extend WooCommerce, including: WooCommerce-friendly search Product carousel Edit checkout fields Add a ‘New’ badge to new products Customize the tabs on the single product […]

Page performance test

This week I moved a client’s site from a popular big-box ‘managed WordPress’ host to WP Engine. Here are the results of performance tests before and immediately after the move was complete: (The ‘C’ is in part because WP Engine was adding files to its CDN at that time, and the site does need performance […]

Clients will frequently ask me for hosting recommendations for their WordPress sites. Typically, they’ve either had an awful experience with a big-box host or are just tired of the slow load times or underinformed support staff that often comes with a cheap shared hosting account. My recommendation is usually going to be WP Engine. I use them […]

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. This article from WPMU DEV is all about inbound marketing, and how to turn your WordPress site into an inbound marketing machine. If you didn’t see this one earlier this week, this is well worth a read. How much should you really be blogging to get more traffic […]

WP Minder is pairing with WP Engine to provide feature-rich maintenance + hosting plans for our clients. You can get hosting with any Plan, from Starter to Premium, for only $25 per month. That’s a big savings off the usual fees at WP Engine. Here are a few of the features of these new hosting […]