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Weekly Links Roundup – Email Newsletters, Hosting, Maintenance Plugins, Scrolling

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

I believe I’ve gone over this before, but you should never rely on WordPress to send email newsletters. Learn why (emails will often be flagged as spam especially if you’re on shared hosting, or may not be received at all due to server settings) and see the alternatives.

If you’re looking for a managed WordPress host, I work with an awesome one (WP Engine) but some of the others are somewhat less desirable. This is an opinion piece detailing the inner workings of one of those offerings. I’m happy to provide high-quality WordPress hosting recommendations at different price points for clients.

If you ever need to hide your site from public view temporarily (say you’re doing a logo update or some other change to your live site), you need a maintenance plugin. Here’s a review of 5 of the top WordPress maintenance plugins that will do the job.


Here’s a big myth that I’ve had trouble convincing clients about in the past: people don’t scroll. It’s not true – they do scroll. Everything doesn’t have to be at the very top of your page. See the research results.


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