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Weekly Links Roundup – Credibility, Real Estate Plugins, Hosting

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

You’ve got a great-looking business website full of useful, high-quality content. What else can you do to enhance your site’s credibility? Try using these trustmarks to make your customers more confident in using your site. They include things like security seals from payment processors; using HTTPS for added security; and displaying credible reviews and testimonials.

If you’re running or considering starting a real estate site, here are 7 real estate plugins to help you manage your listings. Some also provide various calculators for visitors, like a mortgage calculator. These plugins are designed to work with any theme.

A little nag… Earlier this week I was notified that a client’s site was down. For this client, however, it’s more of a problem than it should be, as he has five active business websites on the same hosting account! I understand the desire to save money, but if you run multiple business sites, don’t put them all on the same account.

For one thing, if something happens to the server, all your sites are down, not just one. If it’s a catastrophic problem like a server meltdown, and you don’t have recent backups of your sites, you could lose everything at once. Also, consider that if a hacker manages to get access to your hosting they then can easily access all the sites on that account. It’s too much of a risk – please keep your business sites on separate accounts. Okay – nag over.

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