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Weekly Links Roundup – Admin Columns, Distractions, Decluttering, TinyMCE Advanced

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

Let’s start with a review of Admin Columns. This has been a really useful plugin for some of my clients who need to customize what’s shown in the columns and tables on various admin pages. You can add, edit, or remove many types of columns, and have an infinite number of columns with horizontal scrolling. You can sort, reorder and filter on a whim. Take a look at the review and try out the free version here.

Do you ever use distraction-free writing mode? Do you even know what it is? I found it by accident one day… next time you’re editing try clicking the little spider-looking icon below the Visual and Text tabs and you’ll see what it does. However, a recent survey showed that 75% of users don’t use it at all… Maybe if it expanded the writing area out wider to replace the hidden sidebars…

I”m a big fan of spring cleaning (just got the carpets cleaned, in fact) and why not apply that enthusiam to your website? They do get cluttered with old plugins, unused themes, drafts you’re never going to finish… Here’s a guide to decluttering your WordPress site.

Finally, I’ll share one of my go-to plugins I use on every project. TinyMCE Advanced has been around it seems forever (almost 9.9 million downloads!) and it can make your writing life so much easier. Give it a try and see how much better your editor toolbar can be.

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