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Weekly Links Roundup – Selling Books, Caching Plugins, Repurposing Content

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

If you’re a writer and interested in selling your physical and/or digital books from your website, check out this review of the best WordPress plugins and themes for self-publishing.

Caching plugins can help your WordPress site load faster – particularly if you’re on a slow shared host. One of the most popular caching plugins is W3 Total Cache, but it’s a real bear to configure. So here’s a helpful step-by-step guide for setting up W3 Total Cache for newbies.

If W3 is too much to deal with, try one of the other caching plugins in this review. Personally I like WP Fastest Cache (free) and WP Rocket (commercial) for user-friendliness.

Finally – do you repurpose your content? You know – you blog regularly and often and eventually you’ve got 100 posts on topic X, and you decide to assemble them into an ebook you can sell or offer as an incentive for signing up for your mailing list. Learn how to leverage your efforts and save time and money by repurposing content.

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