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Weekly Links Roundup – WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, PHP

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

Want to squeeze more out of your WooCommerce site without resorting to paid commercial plugins? Here’s a roundup of 20 free WordPress plugins to extend WooCommerce, including:

  • WooCommerce-friendly search
  • Product carousel
  • Edit checkout fields
  • Add a ‘New’ badge to new products
  • Customize the tabs on the single product page

Some useful things here – this one I’m using in a project right now…

Next: if you use Yoast SEO, in the near future you might get a warning from them that your host is using an older version of PHP that’s no longer supported. This post explains what that means, why you should care, and why you should consider moving to a new host if yours won’t get on board with recommended PHP upgrades.

And finally… One of the benefits of the newest PHP versions is a faster website loading time. Learn why a fast website is so important for your business. And to follow up, here are 10 easy ways to speed up your slow-loading site.

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