A security problem was found on March 18th in the popular plugin Google Analytics by Yoast.  This plugin has been downloaded nearly 7 million times according to statistics at the Yoast website. There were no reports of hacks using the security loophole, and Yoast responded quickly and got a fixed update ready for release  on […]

WooCommerce and Zapier

Did you know that you can make WooCommerce create a new client for you in Freshbooks or Xero when someone registers for an account on your site? That’s just a fraction of what you can do with a WooCommerce and Zapier integration. Zapier is a service that helps make connections between the various apps you use everyday […]

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. 15 WordPress hacks for busy bloggers – shortcuts to make the blogging process more efficient. All the HTML You Need to Know – learn just enough HTML to change the formatting in WordPress when you need to tweak. 9 Facts about Computer Security the Experts Wish You Knew. […]

WP Minder is pairing with WP Engine to provide feature-rich maintenance + hosting plans for our clients. You can get hosting with any Plan, from Starter to Premium, for only $25 per month. That’s a big savings off the usual fees at WP Engine. Here are a few of the features of these new hosting […]

WordPress SEO by Yoast

The very-popular WordPress SEO by Yoast – which I really like and use in almost all my client sites, and my own – was found to have a security vulnerability today that makes it more open to hackers. This plugin is used by over 14 million WordPress sites, so this is a big deal. The […]

Note: this post has been revised. View the new post here. Hosting for our higher-level plans is often requested. Today WP Minder is happy to announce our new Business + Hosting Plan! This plan is geared toward ecommerce or similar sites with up to 33,000 monthly visitors. If it’s absolutely critical that your site is […]

A security problem was found in the very popular Fancybox for WordPress on February 4 that led to many infected websites. The plugin was removed from the plugin repository temporarily until the plugin developer released a new version that patched the security issue on February 7. If you’re using this plugin, make sure you update […]

My new bow sight

I bought myself a bow last year and had been feeling guilty for leaving it under the bed for so long. A few weeks ago, I started going to a local indoor archery range to work on learning how to shoot well (or at least, hit the non-white part of the target more consistently – […]

Easy Twiter Feed Widget tweets

I do a lot of social media posting as the owner of WP Minder, and there’s especially a lot of Twitter activity. This weekend I decided to post my Twitter feed on If you’ve done this yourself, you know what a pain it can be. You have to jump through a number of hoops […]

Restrict widgets in action

I’ve been using Conditional Widgets for more than a year to control where any given WordPress widget appears (by default, every widget shows up everywhere, which is often not what you want to happen). On a recent client project, though, Conditional Widgets wouldn’t work, because this particular project had a number of custom post types. […]