Are you a developer who does regular WordPress maintenance on a number of your clients’ sites? We can save you the time and provide a discounted rate off our WordPress maintenance services – and maybe earn a bit more than you were billing before. Get 10% off single sites – any WP Minder maintenance plan – […]

Okay, you can’t really do that… but spending your valuable time doing something you’re not that good at is an expensive and frustrating proposition, especially when you’re trying to run and grow a business. Take a look at this article from Entrepreneur and learn more about when to spend your time versus when to spend your […]

Hacker hacking site

I like taking care of clients with small businesses. I have a small business (actually, a few of them) and I know I feel good when I know someone is really watching out for me as a business owner. That’s what WP Minder is all about – watching out for you. Protecting clients so they […]

Website problem?

WordPress is free – that’s popular reason for businesses to choose this very popular platform for building their company website. And that’s not a bad reason at all. But it’s not really ‘free,’ is it? There are always costs associated with owning a website, and WordPress in reality has a lot more than a simple […]

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WordPress security pros at Sucuri discovered serious vulnerabilities in the very popular WordPress plugin All In One SEO earlier last week, potentially affecting millions of sites. Security site Hacker News estimates more than 15 million WordPress sites are now using All In One SEO, so you can see what a big problem this was… What […]

The worse-case scenario

It’s a scary thought – and the more valuable your website is to you or your business, the scarier it can get! Think about it, though. Say you’re in charge of blogging for your business (or you currently are your business and therefore in charge of everything under the sun)… You try to be consistent […]

IThemes had a great post a few days ago about all the excuses WordPress site owners and managers give for not backing up their sites – and not protecting their investment. These were my three favorites, and they are all something I’ve heard from one or more clients in the last six months. 1. WordPress […]

Shared hosting very popular primarily for two reasons: It’s relatively easy to set up an account at many big-box hosts; It’s generally very, very cheap. But like many things, you get what you pay for. Shared hosting is inexpensive because so many accounts are packed tight on each server – many users, many opportunities for […]

I read a good post today that reinforces what I tell my WordPress clients – that unless you’re really focusing on creating high-quality content on a regular basis, you’re not using that business website as the marketing weapon that it can be. This article from Inc Magazine about why online content marketing is so important […]