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Friday Link Wrapup – Marketing, Blogging, Performance

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

This article from WPMU DEV is all about inbound marketing, and how to turn your WordPress site into an inbound marketing machine.

If you didn’t see this one earlier this week, this is well worth a read. How much should you really be blogging to get more traffic to your site? You may be surprised – and a bit intimidated – by the answer.

Do you have (or are you thinking about starting) a membership website? If so, here 10 types of content to consider adding to your membership site to engage and provide value for your visitors. Mix it up and experiment to see what types of content get the most interest and interaction.

Finally, a performance post – learn what it takes to get your WordPress site loading in under 2 seconds. It can be done, but it can be difficult too. Hint: a good host is a great place to start!

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