WordPress Problems

Here’s our latest selection of curated WordPress and web marketing links to help your business thrive. I’m building a WooCommerce site for a client right now and needed a way to set up shipping by weight ranges. There are commercial plugins that do this, but I found a great free one that works fine for […]

This week’s top WordPress and web marketing links. Calendar plugins are a big and sometimes confusing topic – there are a lot of them. Some are free and some paid. How do you choose the best one for your particular job? This review of top calendar plugins for 2019 might help. It’s a little different […]

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. Having a recent backup stored safely offsite (think Dropbox, Drive, Amazon S3…) is one of the best insurance policies you can get for your business site. Get hacked? No worries. Just restore that fresh backup! Here’s a review of 7 of the top WordPress backup plugins. My go-to […]

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. How to keep Google from indexing your WordPress site for search… Wait! Why would you want to do that? Isn’t the whole point to get found in search? Normally, it is. But there are some situations when you might not want your pages indexed, including sites-in-development, private sites […]