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Weekly Links Roundup – WP Minder, Installing Plugins, Knowledge Bases, Gutenberg

Here’s our latest selection of curated WordPress and web marketing links to help your business thrive.

My website is down! What do I do? Here’s a post that answers that question. Or, if you were a WP Minder client, you’d just let us know (most likely we’d know before you do with our uptime monitoring) and we’d get you up and running quickly with no fuss on your part. But for you DIYers, learn 8 things to check when your WordPress site is down.

(Check out our WordPress Care Plans if you’d like to learn more about WP Minder and use coupon code WPMNP10 to get 10% off your monthly subscription.)

Let’s get really, really basic for a minute… Here’s a post on how to do one of the most important WordPress tasks: installing a plugin. Learn three ways to install a plugin! Bet you didn’t know there were three ways…

A knowledge base on your website can be a great way to provide a lot of information on your products or services in a highly-organized and easy-to-use tool. Here’s a review of four top knowledge base plugins for WordPress and information on how to get started creating your own.

You’ve probably used or at least encountered the Gutenburg editor in WordPress by now. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. And if you do use it, you’ve probably notice problems in either its capability limits or just the experience of using it. Here’s something that may help: a guide to 10 of the best plugins to extend Gutenburg. These plugins offer more blocks to give you more layout functionality. I’ve used CoBlocks for clients who like using Gutenberg.

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