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Friday Link Wrapup – Analytics, True Cost of WordPress, Membership Sites

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

If you’re new to Google Analytics and not sure how to use it or even what you should be looking for, here’s a good introduction. See 6 things that Google Analytics can tell you about your WordPress site.

Self-hosted WordPress is free! That’s one reason that peaks the interest of business owners considering a new WordPress site. But ‘free’ is a relative term. The true cost of building a WordPress site is considerably more than ‘free’ when you consider things like developers, commercial themes, ongoing maintenance and high-quality (i.e., not shared) hosting.

And finally, if you own (or are thinking of building) a free or paid membership site, here are 3 marketing strategies you might want to consider. There are other ways to drive traffic than social media and this post explores them a bit.

If you have a WordPress site and have questions about how to keep your investment safe and happy, give us a shout. WP Minder can help.

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