Happy World Backup Day!

Yes, that’s right – it’s World Backup Day!

World Backup Day

Here are some scary statistics from their website and around the Web:

  • 30% of people have never made a backup
  • 1 in 10 computers get infected by viruses every month
  • 113 phones are stolen or lost each minute
  • 29% of data loss events are caused by accident
  • 37% of small businesses have had to restore lost data from a backup, according to Symantec
  • 51% of organizations are unprepared for a data loss (Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council)

The site contains some great tips on getting started backing up your personal and business data – but what about your business website?

How WP Minder Helps Businesses Backup

Sure, most hosts offer some type of site backup. But it can be sporadic, it can become unavailable for one reason or another – relying exclusively on your host to back up your files and database is just not smart particularly if you’re using cheap shared hosting. For managed WordPress hosting, you can feel safer about doing this.

So if you’re on shared hosting, and using WP Minder to maintain your site, your WordPress database gets backed up to Amazon S3 every single day. We store multiple days’ worth of these files so we always have a backup available, even if we have a temporary hiccup with nightly backups as does happen with some hosts from time to time.

We’ll also save a complete backup of all your site files, either once weekly for Starter and Small Business Plans or once daily for Business and Premium Plans. Again, we store multiple days’ worth of the fileset so we always have a backup of our backup, so to speak.

You can feel safe knowing we’ve got you covered in the event of a hack or a server emergency with your host. It’s what WP Minder is here for!

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