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Weekly Links Roundup – Grammar, Anti-spam Plugins, CCPA

Here’s our latest selection of curated WordPress and web marketing links to help your business thrive. Not the best speller? Think doesn’t matter? Think again…Nothing hurts the credibility of your business like content full of spelling and grammar errors. It forces the reader to work…

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Weekly Links Roundup – Hiding Email Addresses, SEO Techniques, Blogging, Instagram

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. This question still comes up occasionally… if you want to display an email address on your website, can you keep it from being ‘harvested’ by spam bots? Yes, you can. The venerable Email Address Encoder plugin is perfect…

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Friday Link Wrapup – Copywriting Mistakes, CDN, Anti-spam Plugins

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. Ready to improve your site’s content in 2017? It’s time to fix those common copywriting mistakes we all make when trying to sell a product or service – and fortunately for those of us strapped for time, it’s…