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Weekly Links Roundup – Grammar, Anti-spam Plugins, CCPA

Here’s our latest selection of curated WordPress and web marketing links to help your business thrive.

Not the best speller? Think doesn’t matter? Think again…Nothing hurts the credibility of your business like content full of spelling and grammar errors. It forces the reader to work harder to understand you. And put simply, it makes your business look slack. If your content is flawed, what does that say about the rest of your operations? Learn how to improve your content to build credibility. And if you’re not the best at spelling and grammar there are tools for that, like browser-based Grammarly which works in both Gutenberg and classic editors.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best anti-spam plugins for WordPress. I’m been a fan of Antispam Bee for awhile but lately am using the commercial plugin CleanTalk for our WP Minder Care Plan clients and it is fantastic. CleanTalk provides behind-the-scenes protection (no captcha!) and a dashboard that shows how it’s working – one of my client sites that was previously reporting a bad spam problem had almost 1,800 spam attacks blocked just this week.

By now you have likely heard about the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) which dropped on January 1. Like the GDPR, the CCPA is designed to protect private data of users including knowing what person info is collected; what info is being sold; opting out of data collection and data selling. Here’s post about how CCPA may affect your WordPress business.

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