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Weekly Links Roundup – Hiding Email Addresses, SEO Techniques, Blogging, Instagram

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

This question still comes up occasionally… if you want to display an email address on your website, can you keep it from being ‘harvested’ by spam bots? Yes, you can. The venerable Email Address Encoder plugin is perfect for this – just install it. That’s it, nothing else to do. It turns email addresses into text that spambots can’t recognize. Here’s a short post on how it works.

I was sent this infographic on 11 SEO techniques and strategies you should be using today. It’s a good list, and very practical. You’re probably doing a lot of them already.

Did you notice that part in the infographic about building in-depth, high-quality content? If blogging isn’t your thing (you don’t know what to write about, think you’re no good at writing, or don’t have time to even try it) consider a new service offered by Red Kite Creative, WP Minder’s parent. Done-for-you blogging can help you get your business blog off the ground and the benefits for your business can be big!

Finally… if you’re an Instagrammer wanting to add your photo feed to your WordPress site, check out this post on how to use the free Instagram Feed plugin.

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