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Weekly Links Roundup – Conversions, HTTPS, SEO, A/B Testing

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

Is your website suffering from a lack of conversions? Here’s a guide to four common problems that drive low conversion rates and how to address them. I’ll add a fifth: no or ineffective calls-to-action (or sometimes, way too many!). Do you make it clear what you want your site visitors to do next? Do you give them big, clear, obvious buttons or links to take them to that next step? Or do you confuse them with too many choices, buttons that blend in, or no guidance on what to do? Fix that and you’ll likely start seeing more conversions.

Is your site using HTTPS and SSL yet? If not, it should be, for the safety of your users and your site managers. The first step is getting an SSL certificate. Many hosts charge sky-high prices for these, but some (like my host-of-choice WP Engine) provide free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. Learn more about Let’s Encrypt, and if you need help making the move to HTTPS get in touch.

Are you just getting started with SEO? It’s intimidating, right? But no worries, you can get started with Yoast’s new ‘ultimate guide to small business SEO.’ It’s a good basic overview.

Finally… if you’re a bit further along with SEO and looking for ways to start A/B testing page alternatives, here are some A/B tests you might consider running on your home page. Oh – you’ll probably want some info on A/B testing tools, too – here are a few for WordPress.


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