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Weekly Links Roundup – Cookies, PHP, Store Locators, Mixed Content Warnings

This week’s top WordPress and web marketing links. Seems like every website now has a cookies popup notification, right? In light of the GDPR and some new state-based privacy laws, like we have here in Colorado, it’s not surprising. But how do you get a…

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Weekly Links Roundup – Membership Sites, Not Secure, Emailed Blog Posts, .com to .org

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. Ever thought about starting a membership website? It can be a daunting proposition. Here’s a short but informative list of FAQs for starting a membership site from MemberPress that may help you gel your ideas before you decide to…

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Weekly Links Roundup – Conversions, HTTPS, SEO, A/B Testing

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. Is your website suffering from a lack of conversions? Here’s a guide to four common problems that drive low conversion rates and how to address them. I’ll add a fifth: no or ineffective calls-to-action (or sometimes, way too…