Resharing Content I’m trying out Revive Old Post, a plugin that will automatically re-share your blog posts based on criteria you set. Here’s a guide for how to use Revive Old Post to re-share content that your followers may have simply missed (with 500 million tweets every day, it’s easy to see how that might […]

The Yoast SEO nag

If you’re like me you like Yoast SEO (one of the most popular SEO plugins) quite a lot – but you don’t like all the extra junk it comes with, such as this irritating little nag that appears with every update: Yesterday I found a wonderful plugin called SO Hide SEO Bloat that can handle […]

A security problem was found in the hugely popular WooCommerce plugin today (a new patch released today, 2.3.11, fixes the problem). In certain situations, the vulnerability could be used to download files from the server. Read more about the security vulnerability here. WP Minder clients, you’ve already been patched.

Import External Images plugin

I found something awesome this afternoon. A client with an active blog (about 130 posts) moved her content from an old, separate WordPress blog to a new site with the blog integrated. That meant we exported content from the old site and imported it from the XML file to the new one – and typically, […]

A security problem was found on March 18th in the popular plugin Google Analytics by Yoast.  This plugin has been downloaded nearly 7 million times according to statistics at the Yoast website. There were no reports of hacks using the security loophole, and Yoast responded quickly and got a fixed update ready for release  on […]

WordPress SEO by Yoast

The very-popular WordPress SEO by Yoast – which I really like and use in almost all my client sites, and my own – was found to have a security vulnerability today that makes it more open to hackers. This plugin is used by over 14 million WordPress sites, so this is a big deal. The […]

A security problem was found in the very popular Fancybox for WordPress on February 4 that led to many infected websites. The plugin was removed from the plugin repository temporarily until the plugin developer released a new version that patched the security issue on February 7. If you’re using this plugin, make sure you update […]

Restrict widgets in action

I’ve been using Conditional Widgets for more than a year to control where any given WordPress widget appears (by default, every widget shows up everywhere, which is often not what you want to happen). On a recent client project, though, Conditional Widgets wouldn’t work, because this particular project had a number of custom post types. […]

All In One SEO logo

WordPress security pros at Sucuri discovered serious vulnerabilities in the very popular WordPress plugin All In One SEO earlier last week, potentially affecting millions of sites. Security site Hacker News estimates more than 15 million WordPress sites are now using All In One SEO, so you can see what a big problem this was… What […]