Post Resharing and Autoblogging Tools

Resharing Content

I’m trying out Revive Old Post, a plugin that will automatically re-share your blog posts based on criteria you set. Here’s a guide for how to use Revive Old Post to re-share content that your followers may have simply missed (with 500 million tweets every day, it’s easy to see how that might happen!). Be aware that the free version only sends to Twitter and Facebook. Another plugin to try (commercial) is Post Promoter Pro which is currently $49 for one site and sends to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Autoblogging and Content Curation

Another tool you might be interested in is WP Robot. It’s an autoblogger (meaning it pulls in content from a lot of different sources and posts it in your blog). WP Robot currently supports 32 sources including Amazon, YouTube, Expedia, Yelp, Shopzilla, iTunes and Etsy. Autoblogging can have something of a bad rep, but if you use it for content curation that adds value for your readers, WP Robot seems like a great tool. Here’s a  review and guide to using WP Robot.

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