Here’s our latest selection of curated WordPress and web marketing links to help your business thrive. I’m building a WooCommerce site for a client right now and needed a way to set up shipping by weight ranges. There are commercial plugins that do this, but I found a great free one that works fine for […]

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links. Should you disable comments on your blog? That can be a big question for some – consider whether comments provide value to your site and readers or not. Is it mostly spam? A plugin can fix that. There are measures you can take that don’t require you get […]

WordPress 4.2, released last week, has a new zero-day security vulnerability. WordPress is now working on a patch but there is no ETA as yet. More details from Sucuri here. The problem is: “An attacker could leverage a bug in the way comments are stored in the site’s database to insert malicious scripts on your […]