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Weekly Links Roundup – Disabling Comments, Stripe and WooCommerce, Blogging

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

Should you disable comments on your blog? That can be a big question for some – consider whether comments provide value to your site and readers or not. Is it mostly spam? A plugin can fix that. There are measures you can take that don’t require you get rid of commenting completely. But sometimes, disabling may be the best course.

I’m a big fan of the payment processor Stripe. I use it with WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, and any other ecommerce-enabled plugin that supports it. If you’re not familiar with Stripe and are interested in trying it with your WooCommerce site, here’s a post that will interest you.

For those of you who regularly experience headaches when you think about the blogging you need to be doing for your business, here’s a short but valuable guide to crafting epic blog posts to engage your readers.

And finally, along those same lines, here’s a post that help you learn to snag readers’ eyes through better blog post formatting. Chunking content into bite-sized bits makes a difference!


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