New Security Features for WP Minder Plans!

Keeping your site safe!Our Small Business, Business and Premium Plans now come with additional security features from Sucuri.

Our malware monitoring is the same as before – your site is scanned continuously for malware and hacks, plus your site is checked against the biggest blacklists. Cleanup of malware and removal from blacklists continue to be key features.

The new offering we’re now including is Sucuri’s CloudProxy Firewall. Having a firewall in place lessens the likelihood of being hacked in the first place! The firewall protects against:

  • Brute force attacks (an antiquated attack that involves trying all possible combinations of usernames and passwords against your login page)
  • DDoS attacks which throw 10x, 100x or 100,000x more traffic at your site than normal
  • Exploits of insecure code, including Zero Day vulnerabilities

A side benefit of the cloud-based firewall is an included CDN (content delivery network). The CDN can dramatically increase performance as your site files are stored in high-performance servers worldwide – users access the files closest to them, which means faster loading times.

The CDN is highly configurable; you can choose to exclude specific directories, minimize the caching time to just a few minutes, or not use it at all. You’ll have the ability to clear the cache at any time.

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