Maximizing Your Business Website

My new bow sight

I bought myself a bow last year and had been feeling guilty for leaving it under the bed for so long. A few weeks ago, I started going to a local indoor archery range to work on learning how to shoot well (or at least, hit the non-white part of the target more consistently – […]

Looking to speed up your WordPress site? Want to provide a better, faster experience for your visitors? Consider a CDN! How Does it Work? A content delivery network will help speed up your site by putting your static assets (images, video files, music files, scripts) in an offsite CDN. The CDN has servers around the […]

Okay, you can’t really do that… but spending your valuable time doing something you’re not that good at is an expensive and frustrating proposition, especially when you’re trying to run and grow a business. Take a look at this article from Entrepreneur and learn more about when to spend your time versus when to spend your […]

I read a good post today that reinforces what I tell my WordPress clients – that unless you’re really focusing on creating high-quality content on a regular basis, you’re not using that business website as the marketing weapon that it can be. This article from Inc Magazine about why online content marketing is so important […]