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Friday Link Wrapup – Markdown, Optimizing Images and Weekend Blogging

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

Writing and formatting in WordPress is pretty easy but not always very intuitive. Ever think of trying Markdown? It’s a way of simplifying your formatting when writing in the text editor. For example, if you normally work in text and type <h2> tags to make a level two headline, in Markdown you’d just type ## before your headline text.

Learn more about Markdown. You’ll need a plugin to take advantage of most Markdown features – Jetpack will do it, but if you’re not already using Jetpack and want something very lightweight try PrettyPress.

A very thorough guide to optimizing images in WordPress for SEO benefits.

And finally – who knew? Weekend blog posts get more social shares! A study from last year showed that for 4,500 blogs tracked, weekend posts made up only 13% of all posts, but got 18% of all shares.

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