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Weekly Links Roundup – Appointment Plugins, Push Notifications, Making Money Online

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

In the last month two clients have contacted me about adding an appointment scheduling capability to their websites. Here’s a review of 15 appointment plugins – I’m a fan of BirchPress, having used it several times, but any of these might be a good fit depending on your site’s needs. Many of the appointment plugins have a ‘light’ free version (which can be fine if you need something super-simple) and a full-featured pro version for sale.

A somewhat controversial topic, I know, but for some businesses and their customers push notifications can be a great tool. Learn how (and why or why not) to enable push notifications on your WordPress site. Just try not to annoy your visitors too much – be a force for good for your customers!

Making money with your WordPress site is one of the goals, right? Here are 12 plugins to help you do just that, from online learning to sales, ad management to affiliate marketing.

And finally, since we’re on the subject of money… If you want to sell products, do it on your own WordPress site! Don’t sell through a marketplace – doing so means you give up control, and to grow and manage your brand, you need full control.


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