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Weekly Links Roundup – RSS, Finding Your Blogging Niche, WordPress Glossary, MemberPress

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

You probably know a little bit about RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds – your blog generates them and users can subscribe to them to get content updates. They were really popular in the early 2000’s, not so much now, but still very useful if you like to follow lots of news sources and read them all in one place. Did you know you can optimize your RSS feed to make it more attractive and get more subscribers? This post mentions Feedly, but there are still some other alternatives for aggregating RSS feeds. I personally use Feedly and like it pretty well, no complaints…

If you’re a blogger, especially a new one, you may feel like you’re struggling to find your niche – that sweet spot where you start to get some traction with your writing and readers and growth is finally happening. Maybe you feel like you just don’t have a niche, or even an idea where to focus? Don’t worry – check out the post. It may give you some ideas you haven’t thought of yet.

You know how when you run a WordPress site you run into words that are just outside any normal conversation all the time? Like when your developer talks to you and you need a dictionary to understand him/her? Here’s something just for you! A new WordPress glossary that explains all those weird terms – things like ‘Akismet’ and ‘shortcode’ and ‘custom post type.’

And finally… One of my favorite membership plugins is MemberPress. I’ve used it on a number of client sites and on my own. It’s easy to set up and has great support. Here’s a post from the folks at MemberPress for the new MemberPress user to help you get going in the right direction with your membership site.

Did you find this information useful? Please share with your friends and colleagues! And comment below with questions or observations.


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