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Weekly Links Roundup – Nofollow Links, WooCommerce, Great Headlines, Blogging

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

Should you ‘nofollow’ all outgoing links in your blog posts? It’s a big question with a complicated answer. Basically, when you link to another site you’re giving them an official vote of confidence, or a statement of trust. Read the first post to learn when it’s appropriate to add a ‘nofollow’ and when you should leave a link alone and let it do its thing naturally. Here’s another take on nofollowing external links.

And just how do you add ‘nofollow’ to a link? Guess what: there’s a plugin for that! It adds a ‘nofollow’ checkbox to the link dialog box for you.

Thinking about starting an ecommerce site or starting to sell products on your existing WordPress site? Check out this very basic walkthrough in using WooCommerce to sell t-shirts. This isn’t terribly detailed (if you’re a beginner you’ll need more help most likely) but it does show how easy it is to set up something like this t-shirt shop without a lot of fuss.

Compelling headlines are one tool in the SEO arsenal. Research shows that most people will read headlines but rarely read all of the body copy, so they help readers skim more effectively. And headlines are also used by Google to decide whether your post meets searchers’ needs. Learn how to write great headlines (and titles, too) with these 12 free SEO headline tools.

Finally… a roundup of 11 types of blog posts that can get more readers to your website, including guest posts, top 10 lists, product reviews and more.

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