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Weekly Links Roundup – WooCommerce SKUs, Blogger, Smart Slider, Push Notifications

This week’s top WordPress and web marketing links.

If you’re starting up a new WooCommerce store, or already have one, and have decided not to use SKUs, take a look at this – it might change your mind. Even for very small shops, SKUs can help you sell more by making your products more findable. And even if you really don’t need them now, they may become absolutely necessary in the future for one reason or another.

If you already have a ton of products with no SKUs, never fear… there’s a plugin for that! The Product SKU Generator can help automatically generate SKUs for various WooCommerce product types.

If you’re already blogging but started your site on the Blogger platform, are you stuck there forever, even if you feel you’ve outgrown it? What if you want to add more features to your blog, or have more choices as to look-and-feel? Guess what: there’s a procedure to migrate your post content from Blogger to WordPress. Check out the link to learn how to set up your own self-hosted WordPress site and import Blogger content.

I’m a huge fan of Smart Slider 3, one of the best and most flexible slider plugins I’ve ever seen. And their support is fantastic, too. Learn how to design and build a Smart Slider slideshow with this thorough tutorial. And for more inspiration, check out their examples gallery.

Finally… push notifications are really common now. I’d guess that 4 of every 10 sites I’ve visited this week have had one. And a lot of people find them very irritating! What you can do to make your push notification get noticed and used without being too invasive? Learn about the top 5 mistakes with push notifications, and how to use them the right way. They can be a really effective marketing tool when used well.

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