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Weekly Links Roundup – Collapsing Nav Menus, Translation Plugins, Affiliate Plugins, WordPress Security Myths

This week’s top WordPress and web marketing links.

This morning I was putting together a mega menu (think: a really huge menu) for a new site. You know when you have a lot of links in a menu, how hard it gets to move things around in that menu in the WordPress dashboard? I have a fix for that – check out Nav Menu Collapse. It will let you collapse and expand individual menu sections or the entire menu. This functionality should be part of WordPress core, it’s so essential for large sites.

That same new site also needs to be multilingual. The client isn’t interested in manually translating the entire site at this time, but we are going to take advantage of Google Translate and have quick language switching functionality. Learn about different ways to make your site multilingual. And, here’s a review of the 11 best WordPress translation plugins if you want more choices.

Another new client was looking to set up an affiliate program that would let friends and customers sign up to promote the site. A user signs up as an affiliate and then gets a special link to share with others. When someone uses the link, that affiliate gets rewarded. Here’s a review of 10 WordPress affiliate plugins. I’ve heard many good things about AffiliateWP, which integrates with WooCommerce.

Security is an important part of WP Minder’s services. Here’s a quick post about the top 5 security myths surrounding WordPress – and how they have all been debunked. Keep in mind that the biggest security issue with WordPress is user-related; not updating plugins, themes or WordPress core is the number one reason WordPress sites get hacked. If you don’t want to do this yourself, give WP Minder a try and let us handle site security and updates for you.

Did you find this information useful? Please share with your friends and colleagues! And comment below with questions or observations.

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  1. Hey Debbie,
    great roundup.

    It’s great when you have a bunch of guides and resources, hand-picked and in one place.
    Especially when one is somewhat passionate about WordPress; and that “somewhat” was supposed to convey a sense of modesty (did I succeed?). I’m actually crazy about WordPress, though still learning.

    So thanks, Debbie:)

    Nikola Roza

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