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Weekly Links Roundup – Image Gallery Plugins, Blogging Mistakes, Analytics Tracking Code, Moving Content

This week’s top WordPress and web marketing links.

I’m a big fan of the FooGallery image gallery for WordPress, when I need something pretty simple. It supports albums and a lightbox and has a decent variety of free gallery styles, plus their support for the free version is speedy. But sometimes you need more… or maybe just ‘different.’ Here’s a fresh (2019) review of 9 great WordPress image gallery plugins. Envira Gallery is another I can recommend.

Getting into blogging – or doing it already and not seeing the results you expected? Take a look at this… and make sure you’re not doing any of these 13 steps to failing miserably with blogging. Learn what not to do, and be more effective and efficient with your blogging efforts.

Did you know that there are a lot of different ways to get your Google Analytics tracking code into your WordPress site? You can use a plugin, add the code to your theme manually, use Google Tag Manager… Learn about the different ways of adding Analytics code and why you might want to choose one over another.

Finally… Moving content from one WordPress site to another can be a truly painful experience. This post on how to do that is from 2017 but still valid. And yes, it’s still a pain.

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