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Friday Link Wrapup – Messy Media Library, Permalinks, Blogging Tips, Themes for Musicians

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

Is your WordPress Media Library one big mess? The older your site gets the more it’s likely to happen, because (surprisingly) core WordPress still doesn’t come with any organizational tools for media files.

So, here is a review of commercial plugin WP Media Folder (which allows you to add folders in the Library). There are a few free plugins I’d check out too if the commercial one looks too complicated: Enhanced Media Library lets you add tags and categories for images, and Media Library Assistant adds even more features including EXIF data for photographs.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about WordPress Permalinks – what they do, how to make them pretty, and (scarily) how to change them on a live site.

Here are 4 quick blogging tips aimed at getting more clients.

And finally… if you’re looking for a commercial WordPress theme to showcase your band and music, here are five themes that may fit the bill.

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