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Weekly Links Roundup – SEO for 2017, Media Library Plugins, Newsletter Signups

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

First, a giant list of SEO tips for 2017, from 39 SEO experts. A lot of good information here to browse through…

Second – is your media library a mess? You’ve probably noticed that after you add 30 or so images it gets harder to find things in there. The native WordPress library oddly included no support for folders, categories, tags or anything else, but the good news is there are plugins to fill that gap.

Here’s a review of the commercial plugin Real Media Library. My favorite free media library-enhancing plugins right now are Enhanced Media Library or Media Library Assistant. Both will let you classify, organize and sort your media library images.

Finally – if you’d like to get more newsletter signups from your site (and who doesn’t?) here are some tips from Constant Contact on doing just that. This post talks about the Constant Contact WordPress forms plugin, but it has good info even if you’re not a CC user.

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