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Links Roundup for August 2021

Questions about GDPR. GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation, their privacy guidelines for the acquisition, usage, storage and deletion of personal data for EU users) can be a confusing beast. I get questions about it from clients mostly concerned about privacy policies. Here is a post from MailerLite about 99 common GDPR questions for email marketers that you may find helpful.

AI-powered copywriting. Does the idea of writing a blog post make you feel _____ (insert your favorite anxious feeling here)? It can be hard coming up with interesting things to write about week after week, there’s no way around it. But have you considered one of the many AI-powered copywriting tools that are now available? There are a good many to choose from; some focus more on short content like headlines and ads, while others work with longer content like blog posts or product descriptions. Here’s a review of some of the top AI-powered writing tools.

Roundup of content generators. Here’s another post on content generators, but this one covers a lot more ground. In addition to AI copywriting tools, it includes others for generating headlines, names, ad copy, audio and video content, blog ideas and more.

Redirects. Removing (or sometimes moving or renaming) old website content can cause big problems for search engines. Redirection is the process of sending search bots and human visitors to the correct new content when they try to go to deleted or moved content. It’s easy to do with WordPress plugins like Redirection and 301 Redirects, but the reasoning behind it may seem confusing. Learn 6 redirection best practices for your WordPress site.

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