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How our WordPress Care Plans Save You Time

In my experience, I haven’t ever come across a client whose goal is to become a master of WordPress.

I don’t mean a power user who blogs brilliantly and can do just about anything you can think of with WordPress. I mean a tech star who knows exactly what to do when they see that dreaded ‘White Screen of Death.’ The one who doesn’t panic when they see a defaced home page, but gets to work on a fix.

This is where WP Minder comes in.

I’d been helping clients with WordPress minor problems and major emergencies for years when I decided to make WP Minder my second business in 2014. Clients were on board from the very start – and one reason is because of all the time our WordPress Care Plans save them.

Here are some examples…

  • WP Minder clients don’t have to spend time hunting in Google for error info when they see a big PHP warning in their WordPress dashboard. And for crashes and blank screens, again, it’s not their problem and they don’t need to deal with it.
  • Setting up offsite backups can be a pain. Making sure they’re really running even if they’re set on automatic is another thing our clients don’t have to do. And occasional testing to make sure the backups really work? They don’t do that, either.
  • SSL certificates expire. Our clients don’t have to worry about that, as our SSL certificates are free and they renew automatically.
  • Is your site too slow? If you’re on shared hosting, the answer is yes. Our clients’ sites are on super-fast Nginx servers with PHP 7+.
  • Our clients typically don’t wait long for support. Once they get in touch with us, it’s generally a quick fix for them.
  • Our annual security audits usually identify site problems early, enabling us to be proactive in getting them fixed.
  • Well-maintained websites rarely get hacked, but if they do, we get our clients back up and running fast. They don’t need to spend time worrying about lost sales or lost opportunities.

Learn more about the benefits of working with WP Minder. Maybe we can save you some time too?

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