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Weekly Links Roundup – Gutenberg, Crawl Errors, RSS Feeds, Image Compression

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

Have you heard about Gutenberg yet? Don’t worry – if you haven’t, you will, very soon. Let’s start now: what is Gutenberg? It’s a massive change to the way you enter content in WordPress, and it’s coming (most likely) with WordPress 5.0, sometime in 2018. Take this opportunity to get your head around it in advance… there are both positive and negative sides to this new editor, but if you’re in the latter camp, don’t worry – the old familiar editor will still be available.

If you’ve added your business website to Google Search Console (and it’s highly recommended, it’s a handy set of tools!) you may have found that your site has crawl errors. What do they mean? And what can you do about them? That’s the subject of this post.

Displaying RSS feeds on your WordPress site is easy to do and can add a lot of benefits, such as the latest news on a topic, aggregating content from multiple sites, showing upcoming events from different websites, showcasing your own social media posts, and more. It’s kind of an old idea, but still a nice way to add more content to your site easily. Learn about 5 WordPress plugins for adding RSS feeds to your site.

Finally… optimizing images by compressing them is often one of the most-recommended ways to speed up image-heavy websites. Here’s a review of 5 WordPress plugins for image compression. I’ve recently switched to ShortPixel Image Optimizer and I like the mix of more precise control, but still easy to use.


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