Weekly Links Roundup – CDNs, Shortcodes, Writing Blog Posts, Before-and-after Photos

This week’s top WordPress and web marketing links.

Is your blog slow? Especially if you have a lot of media files like images and video, you may greatly benefit from getting a CDN (content delivery network). A CDN serves your media files from servers around the country (or the world) that are closer to your users, speeding up delivery of those files in their browsers. Here’s a review of the 10 Best CDN Services for WordPress users. My current favorite is CloudFlare, which has a free plan and is pretty painless to set up. It also has security benefits for your site.

As a WordPress user you may have come across this before. You have a shortcode, which inserts something dynamic like a form or button wherever it’s placed. You want to paste it into a widget so your dynamic content will show up in a sidebar or other area – here’s how to do that, two easy ways.

Are you starting a blog, and you want to learn everything? I mean everything… Check out this article on How to Write a Blog Post. This may be more than you bargained for… if so, try this one instead: Write Better Blog Posts.

Finally – a nifty plugin I ran across this week. If you ever need to display before-and-after images, this tutorial on How to Show Before and After Photos is perfect for you! The plugin is very easy to use, and the effect looks great.

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