How Does the Onboarding Process Work?

Please note that if we did not build your website, you will need a New Site Evaluation. This is the process where we get familiar with your site and how it was built, and check for any potential issues to confirm that we can maintain the site. It’s one of the first things we’ll do when we start working with your website.

You: Find the right Care Plan

You: Sign up for your plan

You: Sign up for your plan

You: Provide a website login & other credentials

Us: Migrate Your Site to Our Hosting

Us: New Site Evaluation for potential issues

Us: Pre-maintenance fixes if needed & approved by you

Us: We begin regular maintenance of your site

Sit back, run your business and let us worry about your site – we’ll be keeping an eye on it 24/7. If you ever need us, we’re just an email away.