Ashley Koehler

“As a small business owner with little knowledge on maintaining the ins and outs of a WordPress site, knowing that WP Minder had our back gave us great peace of mind. We 110% recommend WP Minder!”

Ashley Koehler

“We have worked with Debbie at WP Minder since she was recommended to us in 2016. We have been so pleased with her amazing customer service, attention to detail, and knowledge about all things related to our WordPress ecommerce website.”

Rob Riss

“The service we receive from WPMinder is invaluable!  Knowing that there is always a set of eyes on our website give us peace of mind that our site and online data is secure.  We do not have the staff to do this internally so WP Minder is the perfect solution for us.  We appreciate you…

Barbara Nelles

“WP Minder’s value package includes quick response time when problems arise, strong experience building WordPress sites from the ground up, troubleshooting and advice to help avoid site problems, superb knowledge of all the best WP plugins, and much more.”