Weekly Links Roundup – Lockouts, Backup Plugins, Gallery Plugins, Form Plugins

This week’s WordPress and web marketing links.

Ever been hacked? And as a result, locked out of your own website? If you want to try to recover from it and clean up on your own, here’s a great guide from WPMUDev. This is a bit technical, be warned. And you can always get in touch with WP Minder if you need help after a hack.

If you’re locked out for another reason, such as entering the wrong login credentials too many times, you might find a quick fix in this post about accessing WordPress when you can’t get to wp-admin/.

Here’s a review of the 7 best WordPress backup plugins of 2017. My favorite of these is BackupBuddy for commercial, or UpdraftPlus for free. BackupBuddy makes it super-simple to migrate a site from one server to another, and to recover files and folders without recovering an entire backup.

I have a new favorite gallery plugin – Unite Gallery. I’ve been a fan of the simple-to-use FooGallery for quite a while, and Unite is a more capable step up from that, but still very easy to use. It’s a reasonable $19 from CodeCanyon.

Finally – here’s a head-to-head comparison of two popular form plugins for WordPress: Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms. I’m a long-time fan of Gravity Forms for its great interface and flexibility (user registration, payments and subscriptions, etc.) but both of these are really high-quality plugins.


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