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  • WP Minder Advanced Care Plan

    Advanced Care Plan

    From: $150.00 / month
    • Ecommerce or membership sites
    • Sites where updates require special attention
    • Larger sites (30+ pages or products)
    • Frequently edited sites
    • Sites that need small support tasks frequently
    • Sites that need more comprehensive security

  • WP Minder Basic Care Plan

    Basic Care Plan

    From: $75.00 / month
    • Simple ‘brochure’ websites
    • Small sites (30 pages or fewer)
    • Sites that are edited infrequently

  • WP Minder Premium Care Plan

    Premium Care Plan

    From: $250.00 / month
    • Ecommerce, membership or other complex functionality is critical
    • Frequent site edits and content changes are needed
    • Frequent need for support tasks
    • Updates require special attention
    • Large websites (hundreds or thousands of pages or products)
    • Higher-traffic sites
    • Ongoing performance testing and adjustments