Top 5 Things to Know About our WordPress Care Plans for Agencies

While rolling out our new WordPress Care Plans for Agencies program, I chatted with several local friends who own agencies themselves. They were kind enough to help fine-tune our offerings with questions and advice. Here’s what I heard most from them.

  1. You really get us! Being the owner of a WordPress agency myself, I do get it. I understand the pain points around working with WordPress and WordPress clients from the inside out. I’ve experienced it myself since 2009, and it’s one of the main reasons I started WP Minder in the first place. I learned over time that it’s much easier, faster and cheaper to deal with well-maintained WordPress sites. Proactive maintenance is definitely the way to go!
  2. You won’t try to poach my design and development clients? Nope. We promise. It’s even in the contract for white labeling, and we defer requests for design and development to the agency. I’m interested in providing a useful service to fellow agency owners, a win-win for us both.
  3. How exactly does White Label work? This is for the agencies who want to maintain the strongest relationship with their clients. It does involve more work on their end, but WP Minder stays out of the picture. Our plugins, reports and audits are white-labeled with the agency’s logo and name. When the client needs help, they contact the agency, and the agency posts their question on our support helpdesk. We work with the agency but don’t have any direct contact with their clients.
  4. My clients’ sites are in horrible shape, how do you work with that? That’s not a problem – we’ve seen a thing or two ourselves. Dozens of outdated plugins; horrific hosting situations using PHP 4.x; 5-year-old abandoned themes or plugins… When we onboard a new client we do the first of our annual Security Audits. We’ll get the outdated stuff up to date and do a thorough check of the site and its hosting, making recommendations for needed work where we can’t do an instant fix.
  5. I don’t want my clients to feel like I’m abandoning them because we don’t do WordPress maintenance ourselves. Then you’re a perfect fit! I promise to take care of your clients the same way we do all the others. Think of it as referring your valued client to a new partner, not throwing them out into the wild. Your client may not know all that goes on behind the scenes to keep their site running smoothly and securely, but they’re more likely to think highly of your agency when they have a good ongoing site ownership experience.

If you’re thinking about giving WP Minder a try, please check out the more detailed info about our WordPress Care Plans for Agencies. We’d love to chat with you about your situation and see if we can make things a little easier for your agency.

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