WordPress Security Monitoring and CloudProxy Firewall

Sucuri logo WordPress Security MonitoringFor some plans, we offer 24/7 WordPress security monitoring and CloudProxy Firewall through world-class security company Sucuri. Your site is scanned continuously for malware, including the following:

  • Pharma Hacks
  • Drive-by download injections
  • Defacements
  • Phishing
  • Backdoor injections
  • Malicious redirects
  • Malicious iFrames
  • PHP mailers
  • Infected databases

Your site is also monitored for blacklisting – keeping an eye out for your brand reputation. Sucuri can help get your site off any blacklists quickly.

CloudProxy Firewall and Caching

Sucuri’s CloudProxy firewall provides proactive security and helps keep your site safe from hacks and other malware exploits – it’s an extra layer of protection between your visitors (legitimate and otherwise) and your website. There’s nothing to install on your website – it’s totally cloud-based. We point the A record at your DNS editor to CloudProxy’s IP address and we’re ready to go.

An added bonus is the performance optimization from the included high-performance caching distributed over many servers worldwide. If you choose to use it, it can be set up in minutes and usually provides a notable improvement in site performance. It also works with most CDNs (content delivery networks).

Malware Cleanup

If an infection is found, we’ll start cleanup. Sucuri will also get your site removed from any blacklists it may show up on as a result of a hack.