WordPress Security Audit

Checking out a website
Is your site a little scary? it’s okay, we’ll bring our safety gear!
Not sure how secure your WordPress business site really is? Maybe you:

  • Installed WordPress with an auto-installer from your host?
  • Are “between web designers” and just want some reassurance?
  • Set up WordPress yourself?
  • Have moved to a new host?

Or perhaps you’ve inherited content writing and updating duties and need to know where everything stands as a starting point?

We can help!

All WP Minder clients get a free WordPress security audit for each site in their monthly Plan.

This is an annual benefit – you can request an audit once per year while an active client. Your audit will be scheduled after your first full month with WP Minder.

What’s included in our 40-point check?

  •  Database check and optimization
  • Check for hidden admin accounts
  • Server security check
  • Check for unneeded files and disabled plugins and themes
  • Check server software versions
  • Check server and hosting account settings
  • Spam and trash comments
  • Saved revisions
  • Malware scan
  • Security plugin
  • Login limits
  • WordPress, plugin and theme updates needed
  • Hiding WordPress version and other sensitive info
  • and more…

Get started with a WP Minder Plan today and get your security audit scheduled.

Signing up is easy – it takes just a few minutes. Check out the four Plans and get started today.