WordPress Backup Service

Why are WordPress backups so important?

If your site gets hacked, it’s often easier and less expensive to simply  restore a backup than to try to clean off the infection or malware. And if something happens to the server that hosts your account, you may have nothing left except a backup. WordPress doesn’t come with any kind of built-in backup system. That may seem surprising, but it’s a fact. If you’re not using any kind of backup plugin, you’re probably relying on your host to handle backups for you. Most larger hosts do just that – they may create backups weekly, every two weeks, monthly; it depends on the host. But we don’t recommend relying on that. It’s better to take control of this yourself – your business website’s worth it!

Amazon S3How WP Minder’s WordPress Backup Service Protects Your Website

We backup your site files every day, and safely store them on Amazon’s S3 service. Depending on your Plan, we also do a complete backup of all sites files and the database either weekly or daily. You’re never more than 1 week from a complete restore in case of a catastrophe, and we restore sites at no charge.

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