WordPress and Plugin Updates

Woman checking out website on tabletKeeping your WordPress site up to date is one of our core services. For security’s sake, it’s important to make sure your WordPress version and all your plugins are current. Having old plugins or using an older WordPress version are both invitations to hackers.

When WordPress or a plugin gets updated, it’s usually a response to a newly found security problem. Updating gets the fixed version of the software onto your site and protects you from risks involved in having a particular security loophole in your installation.

Can an update break my site?

Thankfully, we don’t see this problem very often. It’s pretty rare nowadays that updating a plugin causes problems with your site, but it’s much better to stay on top of updates rather than waiting until you have 10 or 20 and doing them all at once. That makes it a lot harder to pinpoint what might have caused a problem.

WP Minder WordPress and Plugin Updates

We update WordPress core files and plugins either once or twice weekly, depending on your Plan. Check out all the Plans here and let us help you by keeping your all-important business website up to date.