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“The service we receive from WPMinder is invaluable!  Knowing that there is always a set of eyes on our website give us peace of mind that our site and online data is secure.  We do not have the staff to do this internally so WP Minder is the perfect solution for us.  We appreciate you […]

“Debbie’s business should be WP-peace of-Minder. It’s wonderful to have someone with an up to date skill-set overlooking daily site functions and problems.”

“When it comes to reliable WordPress maintenance (backups, updates, site repairs, hosting), WP Minder has it all. I appreciate WP Minder’s willingness to explain things when I have questions – and I have a lot of questions!”

“WP Minder has given me peace of mind about my websites and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

“Thanks for your great WP Minder service. I truly appreciate that! You don’t know what kind of peace of mind that gives me.”

“Thank you very much for everything! Rick and I have been so impressed at the way you have looked after us and are grateful we found you!!”

“From hacker attacks to update issues, Debbie is responsive, clear, and fast. WP Minder is a cost effective solution we have been very happy with.”

“Debbie Campbell of WP Minder is the most responsive computer consultant I have ever worked with, and I highly recommend her services.”

“WP Minder completed an initial review and corrected a number of security deficiencies and immediately eliminated our pronounced spam problem.”

“I like getting the report every month – it makes me feel like someone’s looking out for us. I also like how easy the whole process is; things get done on our site and we don’t have to worry about dealing with the technical stuff anymore.”